They have robbed me of my worth
My life is no longer what it was
The intention was always in truth
Now through his lies I will be what he does
Stories being told out of fear
And for that fear they sacrifice freedom
The lives of children directed for cause
A tainted vision of mans' own rerun
The spirit of life has been silenced
For so many so far as to be numbed
The medicine man has been corrupted
Even the preachers have been overrun
The heavens are crying as I listen
While the angels plea from their knees
Mother Earth the sun the moon and the stars
Come together for he who does see
Tread lightly upon the path you call righteous
The only sins you will find are within
The judgments the tales the pointing of fingers
Are those of your eyes not that of him
I have visited the hearts of many
Watching the youth being guided in vain
Robotic walks and frightened thoughts
Steer the future toward more pain
Your seeking shall not be found beyond
Let the stories be set on the wind
The forever you wish to breathe upon
Has always and forever been centered within
Travel with your arms wide open
Let the spirit of your heart be your guide
Touch and taste speak and hear only love
The only true path to ending mans' pride