First, tell me your name and where you’re from and or live?

My name is Mariel. I am from Norway. I live in LA.

How long have you been creating, and what motivated you to pursue artistic expression as a career?

I have been creating my whole life. But it was when I started acting school in NYC at the age of 18 where I realized how important it was to my very existence. Art was therapy, acting school was where I allowed myself to feel, be vulnerable & express myself fully for the first time. It was through creating that I found healing from the tough times that I’d been through as a child, and even now no matter what’s going on as long as I’m creating, I will always be okay. I started directing because I wanted creative control, to be in charge of the stories I was telling and the messages I was putting out into the world. I chose to pursue artistic expression as a career because art is powerful, it changes people, and I have always wanted to make a positive change and inspire the world through my work. I think with the current state of the world it’s our duty as creators, as artists, and as human beings to take responsibility and use our art to make a positive impact, be of service in the awakening and healing of all beings and mother nature.

How has been staying true to your own vision contributed to your success? - Are there any downsides in doing so?

I think honesty, truth and staying true to who you are is important to any success in life, period. I think when you create in authenticity and truth you have a certain artistic integrity to your work. I think there is nothing more vulnerable and powerful than coming from a place of truth. I don’t think there any downsides in staying true to your vision. I’ve definitely been critiqued, and people haven’t always understood or liked my work, but that’s okay. I have had to turn down paid work and said no to jobs or people that didn’t align with my vision or moral values but at the end of the day I want to create thought provoking content that I feel proud to stand behind and work alongside good people that I love.

Do you have any influences that drive your creativity?

My life, my travels, music, society, nature, the environmental issues, politics, human psychology and people; we all have our own unique story.

What is your greatest joy in creating?

I literally get high from creating. I love the whole process from conception to execution to the finished project. I love to learn, and I love working with other people; it’s beautiful, the creative process and the team work that goes into it. I love when my work touches another human being…that’s probably the greatest joy.

What does your audience mean to you?

Everything. My work is my heart and soul, anyone who supports me means so much to me, it really touches my heart on such a deep level, forever grateful…thank you.

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?

Life, I love living. The people that I love. My dreams and goals.

When you're not creating how do you spend your time?

In nature, hiking, I love working out: boxing, yoga, meditating. I love road-trips, music festivals, traveling and going on adventures. Spending time with my friends & family.

What is the base of your creative process like, and does it differ between outlets or various forms of expression?

I love visuals. I always start with a visual or a feeling and that tends to inspire everything else. For modeling, it’s about a mood and a feeling. If I’m acting, it’s about dissecting who this character is, their psychology, why, who, what, where, nature vs. nurture. As a director, I combine all of them. I also love the contrast between dark and light, poetic and symbolic imagery tends to show up in all of my creative processes.

What are you working on next?

I’m going to Peru for a documentary that I’m directing. I’m in the process of redoing our directing reel to get signed as directors. I also booked the lead in a horror film alongside my twin sister. I have a feature film that I just started to raise funds for. I have a few music videos and fashion videos coming up. Working on some upcoming content for my eco-friendly platform Ecovocateur. I’m also working on a hydrogen project. As well, I’m hoping to make a trip to Tulum & Ghana to create some more content. My sister and I are volunteering at a film program at Youth Mentoring Connection, which I’m super exited about.

Is there anything else you’d like to share? Upcoming release dates, new projects... anything.

One Nation Earth Kickstarter - *please donate/share - link below

I will also be releasing three music videos very soon and screening our film ‘Eco’ at Golden State Film Festival March 26th.

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Peace, More Love.