I've been here before
Not there, but here
This darkness is familiar
I've been waiting for you
And this time I have a surprise
I am not the same
I welcome your attempt at persuasion
For I have found my light and I am in need of nothing
Life has become my guide
And so I ride the waves
Joyously, I ride the waves
Like a child fearful of the hill, I drop to my knees and I roll to the bottom
Filled with cheer, laughing as I spin out of control
The climb was difficult, yes, but thoughts of the descent were near paralyzing
And still I did it
And so I welcome the darkness, for I have found my light
And for each breath that I am given I know now that I will be okay
And for every wave and hill that attempts to set fear into my heart
Beware, for I am on the hunt for you
Like a child with no case of the tomorrow's
I am here today, and I welcome your wretched shadows of doubt
For I have found my light
I have found my light