On January 19 2008 I stood at my dads' bedroom door and I said goodnight to him; twenty minutes later I was kneeling at his side, giving him CPR....but it was of no help, he was gone, forever. 
I never took the time to share my writing with my dad, I was always fearful of being discouraged or him not understanding what I was trying to do, so he never knew that I had this love for telling stories, even from young. 
The year after he died I lost my job in Calgary when the economy crashed, I had to give up my condo and most of my belongings, and I moved into a bedroom at a friends place back in Edmonton. As I found myself in the middle of a nervous breakdown and suddenly being forced to now face my fathers' death and all of the guilt I was carrying, along with what transpired into depression, panic attacks, anxiety, feeling like a stranger to myself, and then having no job, no home to call my own, and on and on, I decided to take the one thing that I knew in my heart would help me to heal, and could touch the lives of others, and I started to really take my writing serious. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote, anywhere and everywhere, and I shared my writing anywhere I could find the space or a set of eyes to oblige me.
I write about love, I always have, even in the shadows of loss or heartache, it's always about love for me, because really, isn't it always about Love? 
I've moved around more times than I could count, and I believe at times most people in my life think I'm lost, but really, I always know where I am and where I belong because I never stop writing. This life is a beautiful gift and an amazing experience, and even more so, I believe, when you can finally muster up the courage to face who you are and just go with it, with all of your heart.
So here I am, nearing 9 years since I said goodnight to my dad for the last time and I'm about to release my third novel. A few weeks ago I had a dream that I was sitting with my dad at some gathering and he called one of his friends over to introduce us; he smiled from ear to ear and he said to his friend, "This is my son, Kevin, he's a writer...Kevin, tell him, tell him what you do...you're a writer, tell him". - my dad then sat back in his seat and didn't say another word, but only smiled with this amazing look of encouragement and pride as I told his friend that I was in fact a writer. 
So, in honor of love, the last nine years, and the recent conversation I had with my dad, I've decided to release this next novel 'Grace in October' on January 19 2017. - it's available now for pre-orders on Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and more, and will soon be available for purchase in paperback, along with each of my books, exclusively through Amazon.
This is a love story, and it's about triumph, friendship, forgiveness, new beginnings, and beautiful conversations lined with hope. It's my longest project to date and I believe I gave myself the most creative freedom I have yet, including working with the insanely talented and creative genius, Pencil Fingerz, and him providing a beautiful piece of artwork for the cover and jacket. - it really is a beautiful story, and I've marked its release at just .99 cents, which is what I have priced all of my e-books at now for a limited time. (the selling price will vary according to the vendor.) My goal has always been to reach as many people as possible with my writing and I don't ever want money to play a role in discouraging someone from having the experience that these stories have to offer. - We are ONE. 
Thank you to everyone who's ever given my stories a little piece of their time, it will always be Love; and please know, the darkness is just as important as the light, and it too shall pass, so don't ever give up, not on yourself, and certainly not on life...it will always get better, just give it time. 

Listen to your heart, always, it knows the way.

Peace & Love