As devastating, tragic and sad as it is to continue to have to send prayers to parts of the world that are being destroyed by greed and hatred in the name of God or the misguided beliefs of right and wrong, it surely won't be long before the world is sending prayers to you or I, wherever we may be. Until we as a whole, as a race of ONE, stand up collectively for the very basic human rights to be treated fairly and equally without borders or manipulated circumstances, in the name only of Love, we will continue to be the separates who allow wedges to be drawn between us and will forever be susceptible to the exposure of hatred and killings in the name of whatever convenient label is given to greed.
This is the only time I will be here as I AM, and I'm tired of being bombarded with darkness, anger and hatred by the lips of those whose value for life is unmatched by a Universal truth - WE are ONE. 
Prisoners will often say, "I'm just here to do my time"... has this also become the thought pattern for 'The Free World'?

- Peace, Love is God.