Cooking up an infection of sins
Choking down the last attempt at your glory
Lost in a time that doesn't even exist
Gone will you be and never to be sorry
From this moment forward your name will be They
Part of a collection labelled in separation
Images and faces will flash across the screen
Gone will you be never to feel the frustration
Your calling has been heard by fear itself
And so will you answer to the darkness once more
In the final screams set out into the night
Gone will you be without ever being sure
Systems put into place to assist the purchase of fear
The very same darkness that was once at your door
Anger will set in and the people will submit
Gone will you be and left as part of the score
In this life or the next surely people will recall
Crafting sentences in an effort to describe
What it was that went wrong in the system created
By the very same They you now call your tribe
Hatred has no say in the space of Love
There is no enemy no ONE and no They
As the collection of thought alters the path of fear
It is only the heart that will guide final say
Curtains closed doors are locked
Those in their homes live without shadows
Darkness only falls on the man without cause
For it is he who ends up in the gallows
Turning a blind eye will not change a thing
It will not magically make the sadness sing
Guns being drawn by thoughtless hands
Replace that peace with Love it brings
The colors of spirit and soul know no bounds
We each embody all of Life as one whole
Set the ego aside send it to play with the past
The future is now no wear on its sole
I solemnly swear to be kind first to this self
To Love this heart and this Life with each breath
To then take an oath each day to do unto others
As I do to this self with the days I have left
It is us we are it both the infection and the cure
Make no mistake when searching for the truth
From the beginning to the end and all in between
I am Peace I am Love as are you