Thirty minutes before this picture was taken yesterday I was crossing a rather quick-flowing stream, water up past my waist, to go explore a place I've been trying to visit for over a year; and near thirty minutes later I was being chased out of the bush by an angry Black Bear; rolling my ankle, tearing my shirt, and trying to stay present enough to still enjoy the experience... and I was all alone, with zero cell service and no one knowing where I was; but it was all worth it to me for this one exchange. 

These two flowers caught my eye; they were intertwined in a way that enabled them both to still be touched by the sun, depending on its placement in the sky, and neither was worse off or lesser than the other for it. I saw that as two Lives bound by circumstance and working near perfectly together to see that each received enough of all that was needed in order to survive. 

I understand that this journey of life really can be a story of ONE, and how ultimately we're always alone when it comes to the mind, whether that be in fear of the unknown, or caught up in the sometimes seeming battle of hope for how things will work out, or longing for a lover, or mourning a loss of any kind, but I also know that when we move beyond the mind and we're open to life and its miracles, and when we have people in our lives that are willing to share both the sun and the shade with us, and celebrate them each equally, it makes the unfolding of it all that much more magical, and we get to see the transformation from the journey of ONE into its intention of ONE-ness... and that the entire Universe is in our favour when we work with the system for the purpose of Life and its intention of harmony, sharing in and celebrating the Sun and the Shade.  

Peace & Love.