There can be no other way; the proof is in the moment, here and now. Yes, the mind will do its best to convince you otherwise with curiosity, wonderment, dwelling, incessant thinking and nagging, but even still you must understand that any of those other “potential” outcomes or circumstances are simply in thought and were of lesser value to your path... which is why you are here, now. You are here, exactly where you are, because this moment was for your highest good, even if for no other reason than to come into the knowing of this, and any resistance you may feel is only due to your thinking that it should be otherwise. You are here because it’s what’s best for you; accept that. Accept with all of your heart that the entire Universe is working directly with your highest being to align you with your purpose, your true calling for your time here on Earth.
The paradise you are seeking is in the acceptance and knowing that there is no other moment than this one.
More Love.