Flower Power, Baby!

WildflowerBoom was started by Chloe Norgaard (the ex model who had the rainbow hair) as a creative planting initiative which is all about guerilla gardening used to beautify but also support our environment.

Dreaming of a mountain on Earth Day, Chloe and the gang at WildflowerBoom, along with the helping hands of anyone interested in sharing the experience, will ride the lifts and throw seed bombs (a quarter sized round ball of soil, clay and wildflower seeds) off of them, aiming to hit their bullseyes, (made prior with natural paint). This in turn will create a colorful meadow of wildflowers for the spring and summers to come; and a very lovely sight to see, in my opinion. Doing this will also help the local habitat and its varied species, promoting biodiversity in the local ecosystem. **We should all know by now that our pollinators need some help, so why not create some amazingly awesome habitats for them in a fun and interactive way, by the very same hands and hearts that frequent these places we love.

If you can’t make it out to the mountain, you will surely find WildflowerBoom in communities all over, doing what they do… spreading the love one seed and flower at a time. And lastly, if there’s any way you’d like to show your support, by way of your helping hands or donation of time or other, please visit wildflower-boom.com where you can also stay up to date on all that’s going on in and around your communities.

The idea is simple, fun, pretty and a great interactive way to plant seeds and help the environment. 
Join the Boom!