He delivers her with grace
Upon his back is where she lays
Led gently along by his Mother, Earth
He navigates as she prays
A teller of stories ten thousand years old
Mighty it would be if not given a name
A calling sent out by the heavens
Never again will land be the same
The travelling man has found his friend
The farmer a force to break ground
With Kings and Queens in carriages
His Majesty has not made a sound
Loyal to the fault found only in man
He dances with pride for his cause
His brothers and sisters still wild and free
Yet his honour not scarred or flawed
No longing for love in his makeup
For his life knows nothing of binds
And while she lay draped across his back
In each next step his purpose he finds
Gone long ago with the wind is his Spirit
One with the skies is his voice in song
A legacy shared by only the giver of life
In her company is where he belongs

This is a piece I wrote for Mariel Gomsrud and the launch of www.Ecovocateur.com - check them out, they’re both doing some pretty important and special work right now.

Model - Mariel Gomsrud - IG @marielnoir
Photographer - Rick Rose - IG @rickrosephoto
Ecovocateur - IG - @ecovocateur