I was visiting with a friend yesterday and we started talking about fish - wild salmon in particular... about how they leave the ocean, what feels like their “natural habitat", and they swim into the freshwater streams in order to spawn. Well, they’re not necessarily “built” for fresh water, they’re built for the ocean, however, it’s much like a calling home, it’s ingrained in them to return to where they themselves were brought to life. So, what happens on their journey through the freshwater is their scales start to stick together, some form a hump on their back and other deformities, and essentially they start to decay from the inside out, but yet they know they have a purpose to fulfill, which is to spawn, to further life, so they keep going, they stay true to the journey. After the eggs are laid and fertilized, they continue to die and quite poetically they end up feeding the entire ecosystem. I asked my friend, “can you imagine if fear got in the way of their purpose?” I went on, “It would start with just one fish at the opening of the stream, and slowly there would be a build-up of fish choosing to ignore their calling for the fear of what was to come... death.” We have been using whatever stories we can to distract ourselves from our purpose, in the illusion that if we manage to stay safe enough, we will survive. The “choices” we present ourselves with are ultimately just links on the chain of fear, spinning for the cause of self-preservation. 

And so today I say... Swim, as though God has ingrained it in your very DNA to do so, and don’t stop until you meet your mark and make it back home, having fulfilled your purpose. 

Peace, more Love.

Be Kind.