First, tell us your name, where you’re from and where you live?

Hey, my name is Braydon, and this is a loaded question. Hahaha. Number 1 and I am done…just kidding. I’m from Alberta, Canada. I currently live in Edmonton, Alberta, and I grew up in Leduc, and then Cold Lake for the later years.

How long have you been making music, and how much of the process do you have a part in when it comes to a song?

I’ve been making music, and maybe everybody’s definition of music is different, but I think I started making something that resembled a tune when I was 11yrs old…and I started writing songs after I got my first guitar when I was 12. Most the time, like 97% of the time I am writing by myself. The song is pretty much all written by me and then when I present it to the people playing with me in the recording process, that will often influence the structure of the song, and potentially lead to rearranging the song. This is one of my favorite things about recording with other people and collaborating; adding others always rounds out a song, but it will also transcend the original vision. New perspectives, new influences, new tambers, new hearts. All this new stuff can be taxing on our egos, but that being said, collaborating can be catastrophic if we resist transcendence. Transcendence happens when everyone involved trusts each other equally with their creative input. So, really all I am trying to say, within a nutshell, is collaboration can be, and usually is, a beautiful thing.

How has been staying true to your own vision contributed to your success? - Are there any downsides in doing so?

I am about to answer your questions with a question, haha. What is the definition of success??? I’m probably not successful in the eyes of any labels or even in many musicians’ eyes. I’m still building a reputation, and only have one album under my name. I have an unhealthy relationship with money, and I am not motivated by monetary/capital gain. The economy is a mad race that brings my life nothing but darkness. Consumerism is a messy, messy shit-storm that I am trying to escape.

What are some of the influences that drive your creativity?

My love for nature and all of its Magic. Nature has so many things for us, and so many people deny nature, our right as Creatures existing on a planet with trees, whales, turtles, grifola frondosa, mushrooms (Maitake), chaga, elephants, honey, and don’t you forget that I will always say Cannabis the Mother Mary Jane. Food is Medicine and medicine is food. I believe we are meant to have this Human experience, and to utilize this Human body and all of its capabilties. Why I mention this is because I also explore the spiritual side of things with utilizing nature, as in using fasting, which is intended for us to purify our bodies, minds, hearts, spirituality and even our sexuality. This also has inspired me. When I purify myself, I open myself up to the natural rhythms of the universe. It’s like shaking hands with God. Or as if I am aligning my existence to be open to the positive energy and flow of the universe. This is ultimate for my creativity. Meditation as well for the same reasons. Music, in many ways, is like meditation, and like group meditation, group music enjoyment is also inspiring; sharing music, especially live music, for the reason that it is live and is being made in that very moment.

What is your greatest joy in making music?

Working through new melodies and new hooks. Having the creative process take over and being amazed by where the free flow of listening to whatever it is I’m tapping into to make that song. Everything in life, it seems, can benefit from leveling UP our listening chops.

What’s your writing process like and how important are lyrics to you?

Every song is different. I am a musician first, and I like to make music that I would listen to. Lyrics that can make me think and give me new perspective; that is what I look for. I like to be challenged by a songs’ words; challenge my mind, challenge my heart, make me laugh, make me cry, but being consistent within the song is important. I am still an amateur in my songwriting, I have been doing it a long time and people buy my music, but I really don’t believe in templating songs or art. That is true selling out in my mind. It’s not about money and fame but it’s more about making shitty art, and art becomes shitty when it’s not original. It gets stale. Art with purpose. Clever art. Art that changes, it is not done by a machine or a template or an equation. So, my process is chaos. Maybe a joint or a bong is involved. Maybe I’m sitting on a cliff in the mountains or doing deep breathing outside in -25degree weather every 15 or 20 minutes, in-between sets at a piano.

What does your audience mean to you?

Music healed me, and I wrote an album as it healed me. I want to heal people with music. Music is a force…a universal force for healing. ‘Struggling’ is a song about hope off my album. HOPE. Hope. 15 for Hope??? we are on similar paths. Music is Medicine. I see people intensely listening to me live, or when people tell me a song was cleansing for them, WOW, I feel as though my purpose is being fulfilled. Music can manifest deep emotional cleansing. I am so grateful that what I share can connect with others. Connection is key in our survival.

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?


When you’re not making music, how do you spend your time?

I want to be aligned with nature, so I go for walks, do yoga, meditation, spending time with loved ones. I believe deeply in the power of fasting and I write a blog about that, and addictions, specializing in behavioural addiction. I have been a 12 step member for 5 years this coming August and I put a lot of my energy and time into serving my fellows.

What’s coming up next for you?

Summer shows!! Yeahhh! Haha. Maybe some other things, but right now I am prioritizing my conversion. #VANLIFE. I’m working on my tour bus and getting ready for the next phase of my musical journey. But for music, I have some big gigs. I am breaking into the festival scene in Alberta, starting with the Ravenwood Experience in Sherwood Park, July 20th, and I play the Rec-Room South Edmonton on September 14th. I have some private house shows, but things are popping up and I won’t be surprised when more shows show up. Links to my shows can be found here…

Is there anything else you’d like to share? Upcoming release dates, new projects...anything.

I’ve been working on the side with my friend, Shauna Marijauna, on a project called 420 Friends. It’s a slow growth project but we will be playing private shows, house concerts/SMOKE SHOWS, breaking the stigma of this Miraculous Herb. Sacred Plant Medicine being shared in a healing and community-building way. This is just one of the ways that I am becoming more involved with the cannabis community, but this much is true, the more I pursue my hearts’ true desire, the more the path for my Soul begins to Bloom.
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Peace, More Love.