Let the poison bleed out
There's a new world on the rise
No beaten path a revolution
A just solution to all their lies
Hold your truth close to your heart
Maintain a clear and tidy mind
Question all that you've been told
Watch your beliefs before they bind
Politicians trading checks for fear
While laws dance for dollar bills
Slight of hand will have you barred
Or shot down for a rookies thrills
Selling dreams to those in pain
High hopes come with needle tracks
Find yourself attacked and caged
Award the beast with a new patch
Tainted memories sold with trust
Building funds for credit in debt
Manufactured food for future cause
From the backseat "Are we there yet"
Hold your tongue between your teeth
Fight back your urge to seek beyond
While they work to breed new sheep
On the line they sing their songs
"Come one come all play witness to this
Privacy acts not a thing do they miss
Tag 'em and stamp 'em and give 'em a name
Build 'em an enemy for killings they blame
Let 'em believe for freedom they live
While we continue to claim their minds
Give 'em a candle let 'em blow out their wish
As we watch they will save us the time"
Religion has left many tales of hate
While the story remains but the same
Love is the message within each of those books

It is man who has brought upon shame
Lie down for nothing but a truth with no base
Stand in claim for the life which you have
Stay curious full of doubt and be true to your heart
Your evolution is the solution to your path