She was born right next door to hope
Inside a home outside of love
She was tied down next to freedom
A little girl the world would never know of
The moon awaited her tale to be told
The sun cried as her life would unfold
The stars sat in silence as her breath became
A lifeline for each lie that was sold
Truth had no place in his house
But for her who spoke honest and pure
Beyond the grips of her tightly sealed lips
Her story would one day be the cure
Bruised up and beat down by the man
Who claimed her life as if it were his own
In between beatings he'd call her his queen
Shortly thereafter he'd reclaim his thrown
A mother to a life of just two
Twelve years younger is her baby of one
With zero chance to learn or be heard
Both of these lives will be over and done
Secrets don't always hide deep within basements
Not every closet is burdened with locks
Truth still resides right in front of our eyes
Sometimes so loud it not even need knock
Children are being sold in the streets
In exchange for some paper and lies
Smuggled away into our darkest of corners
Where even the tortured cannot hear the cries
Sunny was her name if she had one
Just a baby who was sold as a slave
Kept as a captive by he who had bought her
With all of her heart she still could not behave
Gone with the sadness are her dreams and her life
Carried away by the flood tide of pain
Left behind is the small baby of a child
To grow in the shadows that will forever be shame