I love you. But not because I can't help it, not even because I chose to, but, because it was to be so long before even the first flower rose from the earth. In between each breath I suffer for your love as my heart longs to be reunited with your soul. It beats only in anticipation for a time when your kiss will save it from a life of uncertainty. Knowing that destiny and intention have it written in the stars that you are to roam freely within my heart, for even a single moment in love shared between us would surely cure the saddest of tears. In that, my poor longing heart finds the strength to beat once more. "I love you", it whispers. I love you so deeply that the moon sits in awe, waiting its turn to shine. I love you. A love that my heart weeps to bring into this life from beyond the very conception of time; from a time when time was not. I love you. Patting my chest softly I work to comfort my heart as its rhythm changes to each thought of you. It seeks. Not seeking as in searching but rather in an agony as it cannot recall its last beat, lost to love; a beat to which you gave it purpose. I love you. Each beat that it performs must now become new, leaving behind the fear of your absence from its life as it moves into celebrating the dance of eternity. I love you, as I have with this heart, and so many before. I love you.