We speak of Love as though it is something to be attained or found, as if it can be lost. Without the conditioned reaction to pain in the human mind, there can be only Love. We feel a breeze, the rain, the heat of the sun, we watch the moon without question to its timing; we recognize the magical elements of Mother Earth as though there is no mystery, just as we have come to darken the light of Love. We have turned Love into a dull shop keeper & the patron into its savior. We seek our own emotion, our own being, our own Love, in that of another, certain it has come from outside. Love cannot be given, it can only BE; and it is the communication between souls, without the hindrance of the mind, that speak of this.

In the absence of teaching & the crippling conditioning of the human mind, there is no protector needed, no split in personality, because only Love truly exists. Love does not hurt, and you know this by the moment you realize that Love is pure in silence. Love is perfect. Our being, as we are, without the many conditioned flaws of our personality, is perfect.

BE nameless, like the secrets on a breeze that come out of nowhere & disappear the same; like a cloud that provides shade from the sun just long enough to give some relief. BE the magic that rests waiting in silence, without judgment of the noise.

Love is, that which is Life. BE that. BE LOVE.