She was drowning in the sadness
Passing time in yesterdays
Each tear she shed shared secrets
Haunting whispers from her past ways
Gone from the light into the shadows of night
Cast into the wind was her soul
Picked from a litter of poisoned young blood
He promised that he'd make her whole
Caught in a dream was her smile
Glowing was her heart for his love
Sugar coated candy filled promises
And striking blows with his leather glove
He would slide it on slowly as he smiled
Each time he grabbed it she knew what would come
The moments leading up to the beatings
Are how eventually she learned to go numb
Bruised black and four different shades of blue
A broken smile and a low cut dress
Pacing the streets in a shy fear filled walk
Lost in a bargain as a product for sex
No pockets to hide her deepest of hopes
No protection to ward off disease
No fluffy pillow or sweet kiss goodnight
No loving ears to hear her plea
If tragedy had a face she would wear it
As for now she will stay black and blue
While once upon a time has forgotten her name
And God himself will not give her a clue
Her future bears no promise for light
For every tomorrow carries yesterdays fears
Her spirit has been smothered by the strange hands of men
Life in a dead body that no longer sheds tears