This was the hardest it’s ever been for me to come back from the Moon. I try not to spend too much time on Earth anymore, MAN has become dull and his neglect frightens me. He has created so many rules and facts and tragedies and hate….so much anger and hatred for one another. Beyond the years that I continue to be given, it’s slowly killing me…. Earth that is. I have never witnessed another species that is so corrosive to itself. There is no harmony, no thoughtless or selfless love and where it does exist, members of the same species are working to control or abolish it. They poison each other, and they war, killing one another over their different versions of a God or slightest differences in belief. On Earth, they have entire buildings constructed for the purpose of filling them with men and women to live in cages. Travelling through neighborhoods you will find homes with their doors locked three different ways and the windows covered, protecting the sadness within. Everyone is sick or allergic to something and they are experimenting on each other with medications which they have tried and failed at repeatedly to invent with a variety of different chemicals. The people are tired, even the young. Children are dying at a rapid pace and what's worse is that everyone knows but they do very little to prevent it. They torture and they poison the animals and the very food that they will ingest. Man, as I have seen him in my time on earth, is not well. He is sick. He is toxic and walking blind. He is kept alive only by the grace of his misguided heart. I am no different. I have argued over what I believed to be true. I have been sick. I have ingested poison, willingly and aware. I have closed my blinds and sought refuge from a sadness with no cure. It is no secret to me that children are dying around the world and that I too have an ability to help, but only do enough to heal  my moment. I am flawed beyond the headline news. I am MAN.

I have traveled entire bloodlines to be here on Earth. It took the precise timing of two people from different beginnings and life beyond their own grasp, to come together and see to it that I was born. I used every ounce of courage I had to make sure that I made it and was as ready as I could be to enter this world; yet I had no say.

From far beyond the womb, we have every possible odd stacked against our birth and then our very existence. We enter this world with zero knowledge or preparation on how to survive or coexist. It’s no wonder we are all so lost. We are taught lessons only from a cycle that has never been broken for long enough to encourage healing and it continues to worsen. We are taught how dangerous we can be and more than anything we are taught that MAN is committed to enslaving his brothers and sisters to ideas that do not exist. We are born within borders, seemingly separate from each other before we even have a chance to see otherwise. Difference is condemned while the order of thought without the allowance of individual interpretation is what we are taught will lead us to God. A single life has lost its entire value and become replaceable in exchange for the vision of a thought. Out of a desire to feel a belonging and purpose in his breath, MAN quickly becomes corrupt chasing his own tale.

It is not my intention to cover the sun, nor is it to rain on an already drowning garden. For all of the love that does exist in our world there is a suffering that curiously anticipates its end. We don’t have to continue to pass our wrongs on to our children simply because we are too busy sleeping. Awaken. Move beyond the thoughts from the conditioned mind and travel through the heart. Be the Change. LOVE.