I found God in my reflection
At least that’s what I thought I saw
Maybe it was just my blind perception
As the ice in my blood began to thaw
I drank from the well of knowledge
Sipping it daily to have my fill
The devil was drinking beside me
Testing my will as he stood silent and still
Two angels sat off in the distance
Watching keenly as I fought with my soul
Dipping my cup just to fill it again
In an effort to drink myself whole
The cries of a child within me
Come with visions of hunger and pain
Off in the corner is a deep longing love
Shivering and curled up in shame
The light flickers against the white walls
Painted images of who he once was
Pointing slowly with pride as he pauses
“No longer am I…but I still do what I does”
Trapped in a broken down harmony
A bumpy rhythm to an old ragged beat
The child is singing while the old man drowns
One is clapping and one is kicking his feet
The dream is forever in a sleepless state
Eyes wide open and filling with tears
No breaks in the struggle for breath
And no breath in the fighting through fears
As the old man gives in to the devil
And the child finds freedom in temptation
A new seed of truth has been given its birth
A new pairing of youth and salvation
The bond of spirit and soul have united
While the heart has located its cause
The body has passed through seasons
No religion needed to believe I see God