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We live on a beautiful planet; a planet that provides us with everything we need in order to survive, fundamentally. Each of us are given life out of the same required set of circumstances needed to bring a single moment into birth. Sadly, we are born within man-made borders that aim to create and prove difference long before we ever have a chance to see otherwise. By nature, I believe the intention of life is harmony, unity, and Love. Although, I think that most of our heart driven intentions and purpose for being here are quickly watered down to distract us from ourselves; and the further we are from self, surely, the more distance created between neighbors. It would be so much easier if we had "someone" or one particular thing to blame for the misguided use of life but, realistically, we are a reflection of what has been conditioned in us to believe is a choice between two: Love and/or fear.

Fear is a very keen observer, and a very sly and powerful projector; it creates behaviors, blocks, and burdens, as a safeguard for future chance. It is a remarkable split in the personality, and one that can create more uncertainty than opportunity will ever keep up with. Fear, as we feel it after thought, is how we have become driven and determined to live through as individuals as well as a community.

We are taught and continue to teach our children about the great importance of being "safe". With everything from lessons of war to crossing the street and all in between, "safe" is the most common thought into action or prevention throughout childhood. Everything we're taught is a reflection of how to be safe and how to predict and protect our future with the greatest chance of control over possibility. We are leading with fear. Even our enforcers of societal laws are running scared. This determination to live in control over chance has crippled the intention of our purpose. Fear of lack. Fear of death. Fear of pain. Fear of vulnerability. Fear of failure. Fear of the unknown. Fear of judgement. Fear of different. Fear. Fear. Fear. With all of this fear, how does Love ever stand a chance?  We are conditioned to believe in fear as though it is something real, as though it itself is a warning of impending danger. Fear, as it is, isn't real, it is a byproduct of beyond the moment. It is the result of a momentary chemical release brought on by thought, and more importantly, fed by the ego in a conditioned mind. We have become afraid of sadness, afraid of our thoughts, afraid of being alone, afraid of sleeplessness, afraid of our neighbors, afraid of depression…we are afraid of Life itself. What if the definition for depression was - Overtired; treatment: take a nap. - we would surely see a lot more people taking naps; as opposed to the millions walking around fearful of sadness, being prescribed medications that chemically alter our life force.

Love. Love. Love.

Let us talk about Love. Love is not the opposite of fear. Love has no opposite; and you know this when deep in a moment of Love; there is no opposite, there are no cracks, it is whole, and it is without. Whereas when in fear, Love can save you; but you can't be saved when in Love. Love has no savior. Love is the savior.

Just imagine, first thing every Monday morning each and every school used one hour specifically for, and focused upon, Dreaming. Then every Friday afternoon, the last hour in school was spent the exact same way; Dreaming about everything and nothing in particular, silent and aloud. Teaching our children that the world is welcoming to those who carve their own path, to those who remain true to their heart and the intention of Love. And not that it was this scary and mean and hurtful, conniving place; like it is something beyond our grasp. We are our world. The world is not its own being; we have had a crafty hand in creating it as it is, and we can do better. Imagine that we didn't wait until catastrophe or tragedy struck our communities, near or far, before we chose to act with Love. Imagine Love was just the way. Imagine Love wasn't just this esoteric ideology that continued to float around between generations but was never really acted upon or brought into being; imagine it was real. Imagine we all had enough Love for ourselves that we chose to question our own ignorance rather than to blindly act upon it without thought. Just, imagine.

We all have to go, we all have to part ways with this self, there is simply no escaping that. And I, like all of you, will continue to lose those I Love until it is my turn to be mourned, but I refuse to complete my stay here without chipping away at what I have allowed to set in and burden my poor heart. LOVE will be my way, because it is the only thing that I can see as being worth it and real.

Love. Love. Love.