I pass through the darkness
Cross paths with demons and exercise them
They're running laps in my backyard
No friend no foe no love for a has been
Tailor-made my new wings now I'm flying
As my spirit resigns of its duty on earth
Shedding tears and lies once shared
No grace of God by breath I'm cursed
From the soil to my mothers' womb
The very same dirt that birthed my father
Where all men come from to see the light
Wrapped in the strength of a woman no bother
Trapped in the physical form I was given
No cries no pleas no why oh why me
Three Angels at my back as I lay on my sword
A tale on the wind is where I will be
Pain in the foresight of losing a loved one
Pain in the knowledge of war upon earth
Pain in the truth that a baby dies every four seconds
No pain for the thieves though who see that as worth
Crippled by my own version of sanity
In a world gone long ago mad
Trying to fit in between the lies that we're told
While the medicine man builds walls for the sad
Truth nobody wants to hear it
For love now nobody stands tall
Live and direct from the money man march
Him with no following stands only to fall
Gone are my symptoms of hunger
No longer can I quench my thirst
Time means nothing to a man with no clock
My spirit ascends as I'm renewed by my birth

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